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Interne link‘Technology in Healthcare Education’ Crosses borders with 160 students for the second time 

Tuesday 9 October 2018, Province of Liège.

Today, 160 high school students and secondary school pupils from Flanders, Wallonia and the Netherlands worked together with healthcare institutions and companies to find solutions to problems in the healthcare of tomorrow!
An electrical lawn-mower especially developed for (young)adults with Down syndrome, an audio-visual system for mentally handicapped, an AR App for care takers in elderly care, these are a few examples of the Projects on which students and pupils of the Euregion worked together for the first time.

With this second Boot Camp, the Interreg-Project ‘Technology in Healthcare Education’ renewed its success of last year.
Bart Jacobs, Project leader (UCLL High school (BE): “With this Project we want young people from different disciplines to work together in Euregional Teams. We want them to work in multidisciplinary and cross-border teams and to develop Innovative solutions for the healthcare of the future.
Technology in Healthcare Education (THE!) is a cross-border (Euregion) project whereby Students are trained to better understand and offer solutions for the healthcare challenges of tomorrow.

THE! Is a three-year Project that was developed with the financial support of the Interreg Euregion Maas-Rhein Programme.

Interne linkTechnology in Healthcare Education - Results 2018 
May 16th,  Zuyd- Hogeschool Heerlen (NL)

On May 16th, the results of the projects on which students and healthcare institutes from Flanders, Wallonia and the Netherlands worked together were presented at Zuyd- Hogeschool in Heerlen (NL).
They presented innovative solutions for the healthcare sector in 15 Euregional Projects.

Prominent speakers presented their vision on the healthcare of the future and on the importance of  entrepreneurship  for the Euregion.

‘Technology in Healthcare Education’ First Boot Camp for Students of the Euregion
October 11th, Val Benoit, Province of Liège

200 Students from the Euregion gathered to brainstorm about the Healthcare of the Future. 

The day started with presentations of healthcare institutes and companies on problems and challenges that healthcare faces today. Then followed a major brainstorm of students and secondary school pupils divided in interdisciplinary teams. 

At the end of this first Euregional Boot Camp the student-teams presented their Projects to a Euregional public.

Herewith, the Euregional Project ‘Technology in Healthcare Education’ took a great start into the first school year!