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Cases 2017-2018


Walking route for people suffering from dementia
Toermalien is a residential care center in Genk. The aim of this project is to develop an interactive experience route adapted to residents. On the one hand, residents are motivated to move, and on the other hand, they are stimulated through interactive activities, which increases their quality of life.

Digital experiential games learninfor people suffering from dementia
Different studies show that people with dementia often show abnormal behavior, such as shout behavior, drowsiness, aggression, refusal of care, and so forth, but fear and depression are also important behavioral features. This behavior usually results from boredom, social loneliness, or lack of ways to communicate clearly. These persons with dementia therefore require extra attention and time from the care professionals. It is also known that there are generally fewer activities done with people with dementia in the residential care facilities.
With this project, we want to investigate which game forms can offer added value to people with dementia. Existing technology can play a supporting role in this (tablets).

Personalized Polypill
The aim is to combine different pharmaceutical assets in a patient-specific dose in one pill. These assets can be processed in globules, granules, or other forms. The intention is to design a device that can fill these units in the correct amounts into capsules.

Monitoring of medical samples for medical corps
Medical samples distributed to the medical corps in Belgium are not monitored as prescribed in the "GDP" guidelines. These GDP guidelines contain recommendations on, for example, the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the sample should be located. Due to adequate monitoring (temperature, moisture) of the samples during storage at the medical office and transport to the medical corps, the industry can ensure that the distribution expires under the conditions indicated on the drug, e.g. between 15 ° C - 25 ° C. This monitoring must be organized so that aberrations are reported immediately and reports can be stored that can be submitted to audits.

This project aims to create a platform to support people (children, adolescents, adults) with a restriction through digitization. The goal is to make their day-to-day activities more accessible and support them throughout the day. Interactive tools give more insight in the experience of these children / young people / adults so that they can be better tailored.


Design and construction of an articulated clamp for a paraplegic woman (HEPL)
A very rudimentary prototype of the clamp was produced by two bachelor students in electro-mechanics. The project consists of creating a new clamp with a new version knowing the improvements that need to be done on the design and the electronic articulation.

Implementation of a training session including media contents for handicapped people suffering from backache (CRT)
Designing and implementing a training session in a revalidation centre for people suffering from back pains using multimedia contents (such as videos)

A website for mental health services
The building of a supporting online platform for mental illnesses services that will improve the quality of services for people suffering from mental disorders (ex. individual file follow-up), and provide a virtual network space to enable the professionals to communicate together in order to link the suitable service to the specific needs for the person. Unique technological solution to facilitate file managing and tracking of patients and to share information among professionals dealing with the patient.

Tailored desks for motor handicapped students in a school institution
Design and construction of tailored desks for motor handicapped people in wheel chairs. A first prototype has been produced by secondary students but still needs some improvements on the design and technical readjustments (+ EU norms). The aim is to improve the design and reproduce the desk in 10 pieces of furniture for the institution.

Social Oven (Functional rehabilitation centre)
The project "social oven" consists in the construction of a bread oven with a social vocation. Currently, the center offers a weekly cooking activity and tables of hosts open to a varied audience twice a month in the evening. The bread oven will be managed by this workshop. It will initially serve as a tool for the group to learn, exchange and share new knowledge in cooking and dietetics as well as new experiences of user-friendliness within the service. In the second stage, and with the idea of ​​developing these cooking and table of hosts’ activities, it is expected to open access to the use of the oven to the community (group of friends, residents of the neighbourhood, partners of our network, etc...). Thus, the bread oven will not only enable participants to acquire skills, techniques, and know-how around its use but also to reinforce the dynamics of opening to the city.

Interior design and realization of an entry hall and a reception area for psychotic patients (CLIPS)
Entering a mental health centre is not an easy process. CLIPS pays a particular attention to the reception phase in its relational dimension. A small owned mansion house is used for the professional activities but parts of it need to be renovated. The project would directly concern the users by offering them a new reception area (decrepit at the moment), a convivial waiting room and pleasant corridors. This will provide a confiding atmosphere also based on the “snoezelen” concept.

Truck installation (CSD)
The project is the development of two trucks purchased by the CSD recently. The objective is to optimize and secure the delivery of equipment by proposing an adaptable storage system according to delivery needs.


Induction cooker
Development of an induction cooker that will suit the needs of clients with a visual or mental disability.  Living in your own home or intra-mural with your own cooking space, requires save cookers.  Induction cookers that are on the market, are by design not very user friendly and for clients with a visual handicap hardly visible.  A safe cooker will not only enhance the autonomy of the target group, but will also have economic benefits because it saves the cost of cooking personnel.

My Diagnostick
A proven diagnostic can detect atrial fibrillation in patients very accurately. It is a proven concept in a clinical situation. It is expected that the application can be much wider if a patient would have a wearable. The aim of this case is to miniaturize the proven concept into a ‘cheap’ wearable and wireless application which is easily accessible.

A t-shirt with built-in biosensors can measure emotional changes.By measuring biopotentials, emotions of mentally disabled people can be measured to give the health professionals more insight into their wellbeing.
By comparing the measurements to the activities done by the clients, care can be further customized and improved.  The data will be made visible in an app, accessible only to those who are directly involved in the care process.